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Automatic Forensic Door Guard/Alarm (automatic access control)

The Simpson Security System is an automatic access control device originally conceived to combat the year-on-year rise in residential burglary, forced entry & home invasion crime. During development it has been established that this device can also be utilized in a number of commercial & industrial applications such as the security of freight & shipping containers also the implementation of the device installed within a high security door frame.

Inventor: Robert Simpson

Ladder Safety Device

Have you ever climbed a ladder to carry out a task and then thought to yourself how stable the ladder is and how safe are you?

Inventor: John Medhurst

Mechanical Forensic Door Alarm

A new look at the simple door security chain. By utilizing knowledge gained through the development of the auto access control RDS Innovations has now developed and patented this device.

A door chain does not provide evidence of an attack. This device does.

Inventor: Robert Simpson

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Robert Simpson of R.D.S Innovations is on a mission to revolutionize home security and empower crime victims, earning recognition as a finalist at the prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023