Inventor: John Medhurst

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The Problem

The majority of ladder related incidents and accidents occur when the base of the ladder slips out from underneath the user.

This can lead to catastrophic falls, which in return often result in severe injury, or worse. This is the reason that ladder users ask someone to “foot the ladder” for them.

The Solution

The FOOT THE LADDER product is designed to prevent the above problem; namely your ladder slipping away from underneath you.

The design has received accreditation for its performance and effectiveness, and the tests to determine this were carried out in accordance with Health and Safety executive’s guidelines.

FOOT THE LADDER has been independently tested by CSS Worksafe and the test was carried out in accordance with recognized workshop testing procedures in line with test RR205.

The Product

Constructed from high quality steel, the FOOT THE LADDER is strong, light, and easy to use. By means of an internal spring-loaded mechanism, it clamps to the bottom of any ladder in just two seconds. (It takes the same amount of time to remove it)

It has an arm which extends outwards and downwards towards whatever you are leaning your ladder against. This arm makes contact with the ground, and the force which was previously pushing the ladder base outwards is now redirected inwards.

The result? The ladder remains firm and sure footed, and WILL NOT slip away, regardless of the surface the ladder is mounted on.

Integral in the design of the FOOT THE LADDER is its adherence to the universally acknowledge four-to-one rule for safe ladder usage. It does not promote using a ladder at unsafe or dangerous angles.

The FOOT THE LADDER completely prevents any ladder from slipping away, giving the user absolute peace of mind.

The FOOT THE LADDER provides 100% confidence to any ladder user.

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Foot The Ladder – How To Use

Extreme Test

The following images depict how confident we are in the product and as you can see wheels have been fitted to the base of the ladder making the ladder extremely unsafe and unstable but once FOOT THE LADDER has been applied those concerns are abated.

Foot The Ladder – If It Had Wheels

Further Details

The low volume manufacture of “FOOT THE LADDER was undertaken by Mr. John Medhurst here in the United Kingdom.

More than 500 units have been sold to date to various trade and retail customers with price differentials from £49:00 – £69:00 + VAT to varying industries to include window cleaners, roofers, building companies, satellite & security installers to name a few leading us to the conclude a definite market exists and with a current 400% ROI utilising UK sourced manufactured components has offered a strong & significant revenue stream.

We have been able to secure a list of interested parties as sales were generated when a marketing study and rebranding exercise was initiated by a potential licensee at the latter end of 2018.

500 units were ordered for manufacture with 250 immediately sold but unfortunately the finished product did not pass QC. Another manufacturer was located but again the finished product did not live up to our manufacturing criteria.

It was at this point we realised the potential licensee was only interested in making a quick return and our confidence was lost.

We are innovators and not high-volume manufacturers and are therefore seeking an industrial partner preferably now within the ladder manufacturing sector who has established routes to market who can realise the commercial potential of this totally unique and innovative ladder safety device and whom would seek to license the retained IPR so to exploit under their own direction and name on a global scale.

Outright sale of the Intellectual Property Rights will also be considered.

If you would like to receive a FOOT THE LADDER safety device to trial or would like to see a physical demonstration please email Please note interested parties located outside of the UK can only receive a physical demonstration by invitation only.

Intellectual Property, Design & Copyrights are retained by RDS Innovations Limited.